We  sell the soft fiber our girls grow in many forms: from just shorn, to  washed & dyed locks, to carded felting & spinners batts, to spun  knitting yarns, to articles knitted or woven with it. Some of our  products are custom made by hand like our sweaters, others are knitted  by machine. All are produced with TLC & care for Mother Earth.  Socks:  Our warm, soft, 75% fine mohair socks are a dream to wear. We have them  knitted on Italian machines in 2 thicknesses; Casual & Outdoor  thickness. We have our finer fleeces spun around a resting nylon core  thread. Thus when the sock is stretched the yarn stretches to accomadate  the foot, they have lots of give. Our socks come in 2 sizes Small -  medium (most ladies size) & medium-large (most men size) These are  unisex sized. We usually have 100 hundred ex-larges knitted up too. We  have 4 standard colors knitted & then seasonally (or if its been a  big harvest) we get artsy & have a run of speacial colors like  purple & red made.  

Our Casual Sock  is crew length (that means 12" from the floor to the top edge of sock)  & knitted in typical sport sock thickness - like a cotton sock. They  are perfect for damp or cooler days, but not snow, ski socks. They are  machine washable & dryable-honest! They are $10.95 per pair.... Our Outdoors Sock  is a thick, double looped (like terry cloth bath towel loops) sock that  you can skit in, hike in , etc, that lends lots of cushioning &  warmth. 2 ski stores carry these & order more each winter. They also  come in crew & knee high length. Crew length are $11.95 &  Over-the-calf length is $12.95 Description of product 2 ...  Our Shear Dress Sock  is as handsome a dress sock gets & still be warm. We have the yarn  commercially spun finer but with the same elasticsity for comfortable  fit. It is an over- the-calf (just below knee) fine sock, to wear under  suits or skirts. These will be your 'Sunday best' I just know it. ...  Our Joggers are  a shorty, anklette sock. The little ones everyone plays tennis in or  jogs in because they are cushiony & absorb alot of pounding. Many  ladies say they are the perfect slipper on old hard floors. They are  $9.95 /pair. ... 

Hats and Mittens We have the best mitten maker this side or Scandanavia. Hats are between $25 and $35, and mittens between $20 and $30.  Mohair/Wool Blankets  Ah, soooo warm & sooo soft. The perfect TV throw or afternoon nap  'blanky'. They can fit over your Queen bed or cover your couch. They are  $79.95 & come in Maroon, Brown, Natural Ivory, Blue Spruce, or Rosy  Beige. I choose neutral shades to match most decorating schemes &  hide dog hair. Now these are hand wash in the bath tub or dry clean...  

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