Dog and horse boarding

 Yup,  we do a fair share of boarding four legged friends out here on the  farm. I have been caring for peoples pets ever since bringing home  patients/clients from the veterinary hospital - now that goes back 20  years! If you are looking for a kennel alternative please give us a call  to discuss your fido. Our rates include all the stick throwing, creek  swimming, & country air 1 dog can take. 'Muffy' must be house broken  & beyond the furniture chewing stage to roost here at this  ranch....  Mr. Ed............Mr. Right  We  board horses on a limited basis. I have extensive training with  mare/foal pairs & breed backs. Call me about what your mount needs  & we'll discuss the pastures & barn openings available. Please,  no more stallions... we are still recovering from 'Stormin Studley'  & his breeding rampages.  Cat Care in the Country We  have a fun, old farm house that cats just naturally make their selves  at home in. We have lots of rooms & hiding places to check out &  sleep in. I don't allow them outdoors however as I worry about feline  wander lust fever.    ****   Welcome to Animal Acres at Mangham Manor!

Hi!  I am Michele Mangham, mother to Andy & Joey Mangham, wife to Joel,  sheep farmer, biologist, and "Pet Sitter-in-chief." At Animal Acres, we  provide overnight accommodations for dogs, cats, and even horses. I  worked in the veterinary field for 12 years and I have been pet sitting  dogs and cats ever since my undergraduate days. I've had some canine  "clients" who've been coming to stay with me for more than 10 years.  
 My husband Joel and I have taken a dozen years to build  our dream place at Mangham Manor in the Southwest mountains on Rt. 20  north (just outside of Charlottesville). We invite you and your pet to  come visit us (by prior appointment only, please) and see if we are the  right family to care for your pet. To make sure boarding your pet in our  home (or pasture in the case of a horse) would be amicable for all I  ask that we have a prior "interview" with your pet. Just walking your  dog around our farm and in the house allows us to see if he or she would  enjoy our country lifestyle.  
 We do NOT accept dogs that are aggressive, not  housebroken, not up to date on their shots (we ask that you bring your  pet's inoculation record), or carrying fleas.
If your dog stays with  us we ask you to fill out a file card with feeding information,  information on medications we may need to administer, the telephone  number of your veterinarian, a contact number, and any idiosyncrasies  (e.g. fear of thunder, etc.).  
 The first time your pet stays with us, we ask that you  bring their own bed or a towel -- something that smells of home to  soothe them the first night. We also ask that you bring their own food  because it's not good to switch a dog's diet. Any special toys that we  don't have in the toy chest are also welcome.  
Your dog will  be safe and secure on our farm. Our fenced-in yard of 4 acres keeps the  pets always visible around the house or on the porches. We have  special activities for the "trustworthy" pets like swimming in our back  pasture creek and hiking to check on the brood mares in the back fields.  We use a 20' leash for the 'untrustables' when on a walk.    So, ring us here at the farm if you are looking for an exclusive, very special place to have your pet's every need met.  

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